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Hey I am Pedro, a Portuguese human with too many hobbies. I love games and playfulness as a whole. I am a technical Game Designer that combines both the technical and design aspects of game development. I also do Level Design and producing

Just finished my Master's Degree in Game Design and Development at ITU Copenhagen. I am currently living in Copenhagen. I am most proficient with Unity Engine, C# and C++.

On the side I am a Nordic Game Jam organizer, and am working on personal projects on the side. Some of my hobbies include skateboarding, playing guitar, games, art and writing.

I am currently looking for a job in the game industry, so if you are interested in my profile or want to grab a coffee, please contact me!


Lightbrick Portfolio

Worked as a Student Worker at Light Brick Studio for one year. I collaborated with two different teams and did both programming and Level Design.

I worked in both an unannounced project and an update for the game Lego Builder’s Journey.


3-player local couch co-op game
Co-Pirates Co-pirates GIF
Producer Game Designer Level Designer Programmer

Co-Pirates is a 3-player local couch co-op game, where 3 pirates search the high seas in the quest for plunder!

The Great Oaks
2-player co-op 2.5D platorformer
The great Oaks The Great Oaks GIF
Game Designer Level Designer Programmer

In this vertical slice, you may get to know better our main protagonists, Rani the Frog and Onwell the Robot. To play this prototype you need to be two players, we advise using "Parsec" to play remotely with a friend.

Dungeon Generator 3D
Released on Asset Store
Dungeon Generator
Programmer Solo-project

Dungeon Generator 3D tool released on the Unity Asset Store. 3000+ downloads and around 200 on average each month.

2-4 player local couch co-op game
Feralsitters gameplay Feralsitters GIF
Game Designer Programmer

Feral Sitters is an absurd couch co-op game in which players impersonate incompetent animal characters and cooperate to take care of a human baby. Our aim was to create a lighthearted, silly experience that could be enjoyed by a group of friends who like playing chaotic games together that involve both cooperating and messing with each other.

Other Creations

Waterblade Tyccoon
GGJ 2024 submission
BoatsyPirate Banner
Unity Logo Game Jam
GGJ 2023 submission
BoatsyPirate Banner
Unity Logo Game Jam
Lego Game Jam Winner
Eglo Banner
Unity Logo Game Jam
Space Drift
Released on Play Store
Space Drift Banner
Unity Logo Game Designer Play Store Logo PlayStore Programmer
Chaos Engine
C++ Engine
Chaos Engine 2 Banner
Solo-project Programmer
Deadly Depths
GGJ 2021 submission
Deadly Deapths Banner Deadly Depths GIF
Unity Logo Game Jam
Happy Hour
LD-45 submission
Happy Hour Banner Happy Hour GIF
Unity Logo Game Jam
Bomb Factory
Mix and Jam 2020 submission
Bomb Factory Banner
Unity Logo Game Jam
A Wolf in Sheep's clothing
Yogcast Game Jam 2020
A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing Banner Wolf in sheeps cloth GIF
Unity Logo Game Jam
No Signal
Ludum Dare 46 submission
No Signal Banner
Unity Logo Game Jam
John the Frog
Solo Mini Game Jam 79 submission
John The Frog Banner
Unity Logo Solo-project Game Jam
Competitive Not Shoplifting
EGX Jam submission
Copetitive Not Shoplifting Banner
Unity Logo Game Jam
Boopy and Beepo
GGJ 2022 submission
BoopyAndBeepo Banner
Unity Logo Game Jam
Last Cookie Left
WGJ 149 submission
Last Cookie Left Banner
Unity Logo Game Jam
Escape from the Minotaur
LD45 submission
EscapeFromTheMinotaur Banner
Unity Logo Game Jam


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